The First Waldorf School in North America
Lower School   15 East 79th Street  212 535.2130
Upper School   15 East 78th Street  212 879.1101


Rudolf Steiner School is unique in a multitude of ways, one of which is the outpouring of volunteerism by parents and alumni. The school is fortunate to have this dedicated group of passionate volunteers who work toward advancing the institution, making an important and significant impact in the life and vitality of our school.

Our volunteers serve on the Board of Trustees and in the Parents Association. They also serve on the Development Committee and as Annual Fund Representatives. Perhaps the largest volunteer-driven programs are our two annual events: the beloved Fall Fair and the Spring Gala. Our parent volunteers plan and promote these events and perform outreach.

Our wonderful volunteers beautify our buildings every month with seasonal adornments, and they even helped build this website.  Their collective work is an invaluable asset to the school and, in many ways, make us the very special institution that we are today.

Join our team of enthusiastic volunteers!  Contact Shannon Williams at 212-535-2130 extension 206, or email her at      


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