The Waldorf High School curriculum cultivates each student’s ability to think critically, organize their ideas, and present concepts clearly. In addition to being taught separately, the arts are also employed as a lens through which all of the curriculum is viewed, taught, and learned.

Morning Seminars: The day begins with the Main Lesson – a two-period, multi-disciplinary inquiry into all elements of a major subject area. Main lesson topics are approached from diverse directions in multiple modes of study for up to four weeks.

Run-through Classes: The middle part of the school day includes classes in English, History and Social Studies, Math, Science, World Languages, and Electives, which meet four or five times a week throughout the year.

Arts Classes: In the middle of the day, twice a week or at the end of the day three times a week, a double period is scheduled for the visual and practical arts, which are taught in blocks of five to six weeks.

Music Ensembles meet once a week for a double period; Chorus meets twice a week for a single period.

Eurythmy, a form of movement unique to Waldorf education, meets weekly, depending on the grade.

Physical Education meets one afternoon per week.

After-School Activities include Athletics, Drama Club, VENUS, CIDER and GLOW (civic-minded activist groups), the Key (literary magazine) and Spectrum (Yearbook), and Student Union.