“My son came to Steiner as a senior. I love Steiner because they respect the individual and let children become who they are meant to be.”


At Rudolf Steiner, your high school student is challenged to think critically, organize their ideas, and present concepts clearly. We graduate independent thinkers who are well-prepared to succeed in college. Most of all, our students care and are deeply interested in the world around them.

A Typical Day at Steiner

Main Lesson

The day begins with 90-minutes of deep study of an academic subject such as math, science, literature, history, and art history. The lesson comes alive through lecture, discussion, and artistic, descriptive, and dramatic presentations. Students create their own handwritten and illustrated Main Lesson book

Daily Classes

Advanced Electives:  11th and 12th grade students can choose from advanced courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Humanities

Art: Visual and practical arts classes are held two or three days per week

Music Ensemble/Chorus: All students participate in chorus and are required to take an instrumental music elective, such as Orchestra, Jazz Band, or Afro-Cuban Drumming

Eurythmy: Students use group movement set to poetry and music to increase their spatial awareness.

Physical Education: PE classes are held at off-site locations such as the 92nd Street Y. Students elect classes in a variety of topics, including team sports, self-defense, and yoga.

After-School Activities: Students may also participate in team sports, like soccer and basketball, drama club, civic-minded activist groups, literary groups, and student union.

In high school, Steiner students are on a quest to understand the world around them. Each grade in high school has its own guiding question.

Grade 9: What?

Our grade 9 studies focus on objectivity, accurate observation, and clear recollection. Students delve into polarities in every subject, from physics to geography, literature, drama, and art.

Grade 10: How?

Our grade 10 curriculum embodies metamorphosis and balance. Mechanics, poetry, history and art all challenge students to compare, contrast, and interpret events in all subjects.

Grade 11: Why?

Students ponder open-ended questions and literary themes of quest and identity. Lessons lead to stronger analytical facilities, in preparation for college-level work.

Grade 12: Who?

In their final year, students synthesize past knowledge, deepen their skills across multiple subjects, and develop a mastery in their chosen subject.


Our expert educators will lead your children through complex curriculum and practical and fine arts, helping them prepare them for college and beyond.

College Preparation

Our College Counseling Program guides students and parents through the complexities and challenges of the admissions process. We assess each student’s goals and work closely with them to find colleges where those goals are attainable and students can flourish.

A variety of programs are offered ranging from Spring Break College Road Trips, Financial Aid Presentations, and standardized group test prep in junior year. Additionally, More than 40 college admissions representatives visit the high school each year to meet with students.

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