Daniel Fuentes

Spanish, Grades 8-12
Daniel Fuentes is an enthusiastic, professional and patient Spanish teacher, originally from Quito, Ecuador. Señor Fuentes has experience working at elementary, middle and high school levels, as well as being a classroom advisor, for the last 10 years,  and three years in Waldorf education.  In addition to teaching the proper use of the Spanish language in speaking, grammar, spelling and writing techniques, he also strives to inspire students to use the Spanish language in meaningful real life experiences. Such experiences may be hypothetical interviews with famous writers whose work we have read, visiting the medical doctor, or ordering food in a restaurant. Additionally, He is also very passionate about enriching his students’ knowledge and invoking in them a curiosity about the diverse cultures that the Spanish-speaking world has to offer. Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Colorado in Denver, a master’s courses on Spanish literature and linguistics, and Spanish as a second language.