Our curriculum is a progressive arc of information. The coursework is not only about the expanding of knowledge and imagination, but the stewardship of their inner journey.

9th Grade’s question: “What?”

Their classroom work focuses around objectivity, accurate observation, and clear recollection. They study polarities: physics is thermodynamics, where hot meets cold; Geography is the clashing continents and plate tectonics; literature is comedy and tragedy. In history, they learn about revolution, and how the United States formed its identity and governing structure. Art blocks teach the use of charcoal – black and white, combined with endless shades of grey.

10th Grade’s question: “How?”

Students study mechanics, with its lawfulness of balanced forces and motions. They learn about poetry, and how music and imagination influence writing. In History, attention is given to ancient cultures, culminating in ancient Greece, a model of harmony and form. Art blocks expand the students’ abilities to compare, contrast and interpret visual phenomena. The curriculum embodies metamorphosis and balance, exposing the laws of the cosmos.

11th Grade’s question: “Why?”

The curriculum centers around the power of analysis. Juniors explore conceptual reasoning, and enter the realm of studies not easily accessible. In Literature, they study Parzival and Hamlet with themes of quest and identity. In Physics, they consider the invisible forces of electricity and magnetism. As the Juniors learn to live with open-ended questions, they start an internal journey towards answers that may lead them to unexpected discoveries.

12th Grade’s question: “Who?”

Senior year synthesizes the threads and themes from the first years of high school. In Russian literature, students encounter an unfamiliar culture that mirrors and complements their own. With Faust and Philosophy, they explore enduring moral and psychological questions. Our elective structure allows our students to deepen their studies in multiple areas. From Advanced Sciences, and Creative Writing to Portfolio development and Independent Studies students master their chosen field of study.