We are looking forward to a new school year of learning and growth.  Below we share our school protocols for the 2023-2024 school year.

Please reach out to the Health Office Team at or 347.289.7279 if you have any questions regarding these protocols.

Health and Safety

Those who are a direct contact of someone who tested positive for COVID can continue to attend school. All direct contacts will need to monitor themselves for any symptoms of Covid. If the contact is at home and the student/staff member cannot isolate from the positive case that student/staff member will need to wear a mask for ten days after the exposure, monitor for symptoms and test if any arise. Those who test positive for COVID must isolate (stay home) for five (5) days. They can return to school on day 6 if they have no symptoms or their symptoms have improved and must wear a well-fitting mask for ten (10) after their symptoms began or the positive test date (whichever is earlier). In both scenarios, a person who cannot wear a well-fitting mask for any reason will have to quarantine or isolate at home for ten (10) days and may not attend school during this time.
Going forward the Health Office Team will only communicate regarding exposure if there has been 2 or more positive cases in a class.
The Health Office Team will continue to work with community members to assure that this guidance is followed.