Main Lesson is a cross-disciplinary lesson taught in a 90-120 minute class that takes place at the start of the day in blocks that last 3-4 weeks. Highly experiential, these lessons give students an opportunity to discover many ways to connect to a subject. Students create their own Main Lesson Books to document this work.

A Main Lesson Book comprises all the assignments and work that take place over the course of a Main Lesson. These books document the content of a block. Students create main lesson books in Grades 1-12. Most high school books are typed though students have the option to work completely by hand. Click on the book below to see an example.
We have one class per grade of up to 25 students. There are between 80 and 90 students in the High School. During the day, subjects may be taught to the full class, or when specialization is needed, smaller groups of students.

At Rudolf Steiner School, your child’s primary teacher will be the Class Teacher, a fully trained Waldorf teacher, who may accompany the class through the elementary school years. Each class is also taught by subject teachers who specialize in world language, music, movement, physical education, and the arts.

While we are not an art school, our curriculum offers a classical education in all academic disciplines that fully integrates the arts into its teaching methodology. Inclusion of the arts in academia increases aptitude and creative thinking in areas such as math and science, and has a positive effect on emotional development as well.
Formal reading instruction begins in First Grade. We introduce reading in a developmentally appropriate way which fosters passionate and curious readers who find pleasure in books.
Yes, these educational approaches have a similar goal: to design a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate to the child and that addresses the child’s need to learn in a tactile as well as an intellectual way.
Please click here for our list of college acceptances.
Our tenth graders have the opportunity to study at Waldorf Schools in Germany, Spain, and France where they immerse themselves in another language and culture.

While we do not offer Advanced Placement courses or the International Baccalaureate, our elective classes offered in the 11th and 12th Grades cover material found on the AP exams. Students can work independently to prepare for these tests.

In conjunction with a current educational evaluation, students may be granted accommodations through the recommendation of our Learning Support Committee and approval of our faculty. Applicants are welcome to speak with our Learning Specialists during the application process.