Waldorf education inspires the spirit of the child while eliciting academic excellence through educational artistry. Through our pedagogy students develop an understanding and respect for the various cultures of the world through their experience in the classroom and in the celebration of seasonal festivals of the year. Drawing on many traditions, we celebrate our common humanity, not our separateness in belief or practice. Alongside Waldorf schools worldwide, we graduate lifelong learners who give purpose to their lives and communities.

Waldorf schools provide a developmentally appropriate, experiential, and academically rigorous approach to education that integrates the arts in all academic disciplines for children from preschool through twelfth grade. This approach enriches learning. Waldorf education creates a deeply meaningful learning process upon which experience, not just acquisition, underscores knowledge, thereby encouraging students to be active thinkers.


Waldorf pedagogy leads students to engage with the curriculum on many levels. The class teacher travels with the students in grades 1-8 as guide, mentor, and figure of authority. Lessons balance cognitive and emotional intelligence with physical activity where each assignment integrates academic work with fine and practical arts.

In the Upper School we foster independent thinking, creative problem solving, and a sense of confidence, which equips students for future challenges. It is a curriculum that stresses practical knowledge and creativity. Our graduates are flexible, creative, and willing to take intellectual risks. Waldorf graduates are passionate about achieving their goals, and are highly sought after in higher education.


In our high school, small class sizes and faculty who are dedicated to the intellectual, artistic, and social growth of every student provide a unique environment for students to develop into well-rounded individuals ready to pursue their passions and contribute their gifts to the world.
Our Elementary School program seeks to uncover the academic, artistic, physical, and social gifts of each child. At the heart of Waldorf education is the belief that education is an artistic process, and through showing the children to approach their work with care and beauty, children learn to love learning for its own sake.

Our Early Childhood program is designed to nurture the body, mind, and soul of the young child. Children enter the world with a natural sense of wonder, adventure, and desire for harmony. Our faculty honors these innate qualities by providing an environment that fosters warmth, clarity, rhythm, and joy.

Our Parent-Child classes meet in a dedicated classroom in our lower school. The classes evolve according to the children’s changing needs—from gentle songs for babies to emotional support in first social interactions of toddlers. The classes are intentionally small and carefully grouped by age.