Planned Giving – Honoring the Past, Building the Future

Bequests have long been an important source of revenue for the Rudolf Steiner School; they support our educational mission and help ensure the future of the school. The original Founders Circle was a nucleus of determined women and men who envisioned a Waldorf school in a great metropolis, found buildings to house it, and became gifted teachers. They enrolled their children in the fledgling Rudolf Steiner School, represented Waldorf pedagogy to educators and the general public, and gave the generous financial gifts that launched a dramatically new approach to the education of children.

We are deeply grateful to the alumni, parents, grandparents, and parents of alumni, faculty and friends who, over the years, have named Rudolf Steiner School as a beneficiary in their wills.

You, too, can express your appreciation for excellence in education by making a bequest to the Steiner School. We would be pleased to provide donors, their attorneys, and financial advisors with additional information. Gifts and bequests to the school are deductible under the federal income, estate and gift tax laws.

Inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence; please contact Ilham Zoughi, our Director of Philanthropy , at

The Founders Circle

Sir John Baring, Bt.
Gerda Schmid Carmichael ’43
Bob Dandrew and Dale Bennett
Daniel and Ruth Franks
Ruth Geiger*
Adam Legrant ’78
Michael Pisacane
Gertrude Johanna Peter*
David Nadel ’87
Raymond Schlieben*
Lucy Schneider
Irene Stein ’61
Elizabeth Kovacs Washburn ’54
David* and Gretchen Weir
Joseph and Gaile Zolot*


If your name should appear on the list of members in The Founders Circle and has been omitted or has been listed incorrectly, please contact the Development Office.

“My 14 years of Steiner education have been one of the primary inspirations shaping my life. Steiner pays dividends in so many ways, year after year. For me, including Steiner in my will recognizes the permanence of the school’s influence, both on me and on future generations of Steiner students.”
David Nadel ’87

“Making a will requires us to think about the people and institutions that have played important roles in our lives. For me, the Rudolf Steiner School is at the top of the list of institutions I want to help by making a bequest. I feel good knowing that I’ve included it in my planning.”
Bob Dandrew, Alumni Parent, Former Staff and Board Member

“I want to leave something to the Rudolf Steiner School because it is the school I wish I had gone to and I would like as many children as possible to be able to experience the joy of a Waldorf education.”
David Weir, Alumni Parent*