Directed and Edited by Cristian Piazza / Cinematography by Christopher Duggan

Rudolf Steiner School is delivering on its promise to transform its cafeteria and kitchen into a space that can be enjoyed by students, faculty, and staff as well as the greater Steiner community as they gather to be nourished, to learn, to create, and to grow together.  This major investment is the actualization of a project that we began envisioning over two years ago when exploring possibilities to upgrade the facilities at the heart of our campus.

Our cafeteria plays an important role in our community as it nourishes our children, parents, teachers, and staff. It also serves as a ‘village green,’ the central space for us to meet each other and discover and connect with the many different aspects of our community. The planned design and underlying engineering will create a warm, inviting, and functional space and a link to the School’s outdoor green spaces, including the terraces and the Upper School roof.  The modern design uses natural, handmade, and sustainable materials.

Project completion is expected in time for the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year. If you missed the big night or want to watch it again, CLICK HERE and keep contributing to raise the funds needed to make this exciting project possible.



For any questions regarding this project , reach out to Gabriela Cordo at


Health & Safety

Thank you for supporting the school you love with a focus on Health and Safety! Your contribution will go towards elements of the cellar plans designed to improve air quality and ensure fire safety. This includes replacing existing air intake, filtration and mechanical equipment. The new energy-efficient units will increase fresh air to the woodshop by 186% and to the cafeteria by 400%. New HVAC units will improve heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning in both the cafeteria and woodshop. The new wall-mounted AC in the kitchen will keep the space cool and functional. New fire-rated doors and a new sprinkler and fire alarm system will ensure the safety of the space.

Food Program

Thank you for supporting the school you love with a focus on the Food Program! Your contribution will go towards functional improvements that will elevate the quality and experience of our beloved food program. Upgrades will include updated kitchen equipment, a 16-foot-long island for cooking classes, separate stations for meat and vegetable preparation, a flavor bar for community-curated spices and condiments, and a new walk-in refrigerator to improve food access, preservation, and storage.


Thank you for supporting the school you love with a focus on Infrastructure! Your contribution will go towards the essential structural elements of our architectural design. This work will include a more open and functional kitchen configuration with two entrances to improve workflow, custom millwork, electrical and plumbing improvements, and a new ductwork layout will ensure a well-ventilated environment.


Thank you for supporting the school you love with a focus on Design! Your contribution will go towards making our new kitchen and cafeteria space beautiful and securing the carefully thought-out design elements of our plans: sustainable maple hardwood elements for the tables and ceiling, handmade Heath Ceramics hand-glazed tile to match the tableware, low-maintenance antimicrobial seamless floors, improved adjustable lighting from Supernova fixtures, new natural stone counters, and more.


Thank you for supporting the school you love with a focus on Curriculum! Your contribution will go towards tying together our brand-new kitchen and cafeteria spaces with core elements of the Steiner curriculum. From biology and chemistry to food production, sustainability, ingredient sourcing, farming, and cooking classes, the new cafeteria space will be an extension of the classroom for students and parents alike. A fermentation lab for pickling and jam-making and a living wall of microgreens for harvest are just two of the ways that curriculum will live within the cafeteria.