February 14 is Teaching is a Work of Heart at Rudolf Steiner School!

This is a day when we have the opportunity to give special thanks and express our appreciation to our devoted teachers. Please consider making a donation to the Steiner Resilience Fund. Your gifts will allow our beloved faculty to receive continued financial support for their enrichment and professional development. Your gift of $1,000 sends two teachers to summer conferences and workshops.

Steiner Resilience Fund

The Steiner Resilience Fund provides support to teachers seeking educational enrichment opportunities. Summer courses, workshops, and conferences provide experiences that rejuvenate and inspire our teachers-while directly impacting the students in their classrooms-and gives them the opportunity to connect with the wider Waldorf community.

The funds raised during this campaign make up the entire faculty development budget for the coming year, so please be as generous as possible knowing that every dollar you give directly impacts our teachers’ work!