Jacob Gerber

Jacob Gerber has a B.A. in Biology, and a M.A. in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. He is also in his third year of the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP) through the Center for Anthroposophy. He has published scientific work in the field of ecoacoustics, and taken up interdisciplinary study of science and spirituality. […]


Asha Tekriwal

Asha Tekriwal has 32 years of experience as an educator of young minds. Before she joined Steiner in 2022 as an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher, she taught Pre-k classes at a New Jersey private school for over 2 decades as a Master Teacher. She holds a BA in Early Childhood Education and other multiple accreditations […]


Lana Sabb

A lifelong Waldorf student herself, Ms. Sabb is the class teacher for the graduating class of 2031. Prior to her arrival at Steiner, Ms. Sabb worked as a middle school English teacher in Brooklyn. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Grinnell College and a Master of Education from the University of Arizona. […]


Lisa Mandel

Lisa Mandel is the Learning Support Coordinator at Rudolf Steiner School. She also teaches grades 2 and 3 reading groups and is the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator. She received her B.A. in Comparative Literature from Brown University and her M.A. in Reading from Teachers College, Columbia University. Lisa worked as a learning […]


Helena Vancells

Helena joined Steiner in September 2022 as the Middle Nursery teacher. Her background is in kinesthetic learning, movement’s role in brain development, dance, and dance education. Before coming to Steiner, she taught at several independent schools in New York City and ran her own early childhood school in Barcelona, Spain. She has trained early childhood teachers in […]