The heart of the Waldorf method is the conviction that education is an art – it must speak to the child’s experience. To educate the whole child, their heart and will must be reached as well as their mind.
Rudolf Steiner

The gift of a Waldorf Education

Waldorf education is nearly a century old, and New York’s Rudolf Steiner School, founded in 1928, has been there almost since the beginning. Our curriculum engages thinking, feeling and the ability to work with one’s hands. A Rudolf Steiner graduate enters the world with the ability to analyze objectively, work collaboratively, be a leader and seek creative solutions.

A new kind of creative thinker

Our students know themselves: each Rudolf Steiner graduate’s journey builds determination and courage as they conquer challenges, develop solutions and apply cross disciplinary skills. Waldorf education develops the ability to impart purpose and direction in life. The results? Our students are critical, creative thinkers.

Intellectual agility in a complex world

 The Rudolf Steiner School is an environment where science, music, and math intertwine; where nimble fingers lead to nimble minds; where immersion in arts and academics allow for deeper understanding. Our students synthesize both minute data and complex concepts with confidence.