A Community Talk with Jack Petrash

“Participating in work enables the children to learn important lessons early on, lessons that are necessary for life. They learn to do their fair share and to help others.”

— JACK PETRASH, Waldorf Teacher and Author

Discipline is a crucial element of good parenting, and it is a highly charged topic. Coming into healthy relationship with discipline can help us guide our children towards inward change, solid communication and wholeness.

“They love me, They love me not, they love me” was an evening talk offered to our community by Jack Petrash a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Petrash has been a Waldorf teacher for more than 30 years as well as a dedicated parent.

He is the author of: Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out; Covering Home: Lessons on the Art of Fathering from the Game of Baseball and Navigating the Terrain of Childhood: A Guidebook for Meaningful Parenting and Heartfelt Discipline.