Is she the best rock climber ever?


Congratulations to our “rock star” climber Ashima Shiraishi, who was named by Time Magazine as a next generation leader, with the question: Could the best female rock climber in the world become the best rock climber ever?

Ashima has been a student at the Steiner School since she was three-years old. She began climbing outdoors in Central Park when she was seven-years old. Today, she is a talented, intelligent, kind and empathetic 9th grader, who happens to be one of the best rock climbers in the world. She travels a great deal to compete worldwide, but it is a testament to Ashima, her parents, her teachers, Waldorf education and her friends for keeping her so grounded. She never misses assignments, even when she travels, and she thrives in school. The Rudolf Steiner School congratulates Ashima for being a Waldorf school ambassador, and as always, we share with the world how proud of her we for so many reasons.