Silvia Heller

Spanish, Grades 8-12

Señora Heller, a.k.a, Silvia Siller is a writer, poet, Spanish and French professor, and Communications Consultant for translations. Silvia has taught Spanish at Lehman College (CUNY) to Hispanic Heritage Students and also a course in Latin American Poetry. More recently she taught at the Masters School High school. Finalist of the Entreversos contest (2017) in Venezuela with her poetry collection Danza de Cutro brazos published by Nueva York Poetry Press. She has six poetry collections; Mariposas y Mantis (2014), Early Morning No. 5 (2015), Tandava with poet Edgar Smith (2018), La Granada Ebria (2019) and recently, published  a political memoir “El día que el cortés dejó de florecer”. Her books have been recognized at the International Latino Book Award 2015 and 2016. She received the G. Mistral, J. Burgos and F. Kahlo Award from the Galo Plaza group in New York for her contribution to Latin American culture in New York in 2015. In 2022 she was featured as Mexican author of the month at CUNY. She has a Masters in International Relations from Columbia U. and a Certificate in Latin-America Contemporary Literature. She has also produced theater-flamenco-poetry. Her poetry accompanied the exhibition Man(o)rar by Luciana Corres at the Franz Mayer Museum (2018) in Mexico City and at the Textile Museum of Oaxaca (2017). Participant of multiple international literary festivals: Nicaragua, FIL Guadalajara, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, New York, Spain, El Salvador and Costa Rica among others.