8th Grade Explores Current Events

The 8th grade students each took on an individual current events topic to research and follow through the school year. They collected articles and news reports each month, refining and narrowing it down as needed. Along with keeping abreast of issues regarding their chosen topic, the students also researched and reported on the history and background.

Each student created a final visual and oral project presentation, which was shared with parents and faculty on a vibrant evening in the Upper School. Guests circulated among the presentation stations and engaged the students in conversation. Some of the topics included: Ocean Pollution, Effects of Social Media on Adolescents, Animal Shelters, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Self-Driving Cars, Artificial Intelligence, Space Exploration, Road Toward A Cashless Society, Intelligence and Espionage/The Workings of the CIA and FBI.

by Wendy Kelly, 8th grade class teacher