Meet our Teachers: Q&A with Ms. Uzamere

Amenze Uzamere joined Rudolf Steiner Upper School as Chemistry teacher last September. We asked her to share a little of her background and her passion for teaching.

What is your favorite chemistry experiment and why?

My favorite chemistry experiment is the combustion of sugar using sulfuric acid. Combustion is usually done with fire and this is an experiment that shows other chemical reactions are also considered combustion. It is such a show stopping experience that you would just have to see to believe!

What made you choose chemistry as a subject?

In high school, I had a wonderful chemistry teacher. She was a powerful and kind woman of color that believed in me. She introduced me to laboratory work, and all the hands-on components that really make chemistry fun. I have grown to love chemistry and it will always be my subject of choice.

What do you do inside the school besides teaching? Committees?

I am a faculty advisor for SIDER (Students Initiative for Diversity and Equal rights) in the high school. I also participate in CDA (Community Diversity Alliance) and Community Engagement meetings.

Where does your name come from? Did you grow up in NY?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently live in Queens. My name is from the Bini tribe of Nigeria. My first name means “Flows like river water, so you never sweat” and my last name means “Those who profited much from war”.

What was your favorite Steiner moment in your first year?

My favorite Steiner moment was the SIDER event for Black History Month. The students worked really hard to bring good content and discussion to the high school and they rocked it!