Building Community While at Home #11 – The Daffodil, a spring story.

Today we are bringing an original story from our Middle Nursery teachers.
It was written by Ms. Imhof and illustrated by Ms. Pruet using basic colored pencils and sketch paper.

Going outside in nature is a vital element in our early childhood rhythm. The children have the opportunity to experience the world around them, paying close attention to seasonal changes, and exploring them.

The Daffodil

A little bulb was lying in the earth. She had been asleep in the ground for many cold winter days. One day an ant came burrowing thought he soil and tickled the little bulb awake. He chattered as he worked, andchattered so quickly that the little bulb had to ask him what he had been saying. The little ant said “Spring is coming, Spring is coming” and he scurried away. He had found some fresh green grass and wanted to finish building his house…