4th grade farm trip Rudolf Steiner School

Fourth Grade At The Farm

The fourth grade class took part in their second trip to Hawthorne Valley Farm in October. Upon arriving, the children were warmly greeted by the staff and interns, and were guided quickly to take part in their first team activity of unloading the bus. The effort and ease by which this task was accomplished was a great indication of all the good things to come. Shortly after, the farmers met with the students and teachers for introductions, and to establish very important expectations and goals for their stay on the farm. The children were reminded that along with all the potential for fun, they would also be expected to work!

With the help of the farmers, the children worked both in the fields and in the barn caring for the animals. They also learned to be good houseguests. It didn’t take long for them to step away from city life and into country life; running in the open fields and enjoying quiet contemplation of the lush landscape of the country. Amidst adapting to the rhythm of the farm, the children had an opportunity to strengthen the bond among themselves and their new class teacher.

The class was also treated to a community event celebrating Halloween. Dressed in their Viking costumes, the children strolled gallantly along the meandering paths of jack-o-lanterns and torches. It was indeed a magical evening of Halloween fun. The following day was a time for celebrating one of the students for her 10th birthday. The farm kitchen staff baked a delicious treat for everyone to share and enjoy.

Every day at the farm offered valuable life lessons and precious memories of friends old and new.

4th Grade Class Teacher: Wendy Guerra
Photos by Christopher Duggan, Steiner parent and photographer