Spartan Race Rudolf Steiner School

They Persevered: Upper School Spartan Race

Rudolf Steiner School presents: A new Upper School P.E. class, “Spartan Race Training,” the first high school course of its kind in the U.S.

Below please see the video of the school’s first Spartan Race with our students, developed, organized and spear headed by Coach Doug Sklar.

Video by Doug Sklar, PE Coach.

A Spartan race is an obstacle course between 3 to 26 miles long, often up and down a mountain. Our course was approximately 4.5 miles. The race itself is a metaphor for real life. Along the way participants face many challenges from rope climbs, heavy carries (sandbags, stones, logs, etc.), wall scales, to long crawls underneath real barbed wire. The course focused on both the physical and mental aspects of completing the challenge of a Spartan race, with a heavy emphasis on how the lessons learned can also be applied to all areas of life – academic, social, work and family.  As participants faced the challenges together – with  genuine effort, perseverance when things become difficult, making mistakes and learning from them – they met with success.

There were many times during the course when one could either quit or carry on. Our students did not give up. They carried on. They persevered. In the end – well, watch the video and see their expressions for yourself.

“Being able to share in this experience with our students has been one of the greatest experiences of my Steiner career.”

— DOUG SKLAR, Physical Education Teacher