A Day in Full Spiral

A Letter from Alexandra Spadea, Upper School Eurythmy Faculty

Organizing a public eurythmy flash mob has been a wish of mine for a long time—especially this year, as we celebrate 100 years of Waldorf Education and 90 years of Rudolf Steiner School NYC. Yet the right time and space had not presented themselves until I saw the remarkable solo exhibit of Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim in late December 2018.

Everything about Hilma’s work spoke to me as a Waldorf alumna and eurythmist. Embedded in her work, I discovered forms, techniques and eurythmy exercises that had an immediate effect on my practice and teaching.

Within days of viewing the show, I wrote down a vision of a eurythmy offering I could see happening in the spiral rotunda of the Guggenheim (though the decision to organize a eurythmy flash mob for Hilma didn’t come until late March).

In the spirit of spontaneity, I gave myself less than ten days to tell everyone and arrange for some practice times. Time was ticking fast! From our Eurythmy Association of North America network, to school announcements, my public and parent classes, Instagram, Facebook, emails, texts and word of mouth…

I told everyone I knew.

I had no idea how many busy New Yorkers would actually show up, but, lo and behold, close to 150 Hilma and eurythmy enthusiasts, ranging from 3-86 years old, came together on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon! Most of the people were parents, students and faculty from Steiner, along with my dear Eurythmy Spring Valley colleagues, Green Meadow Waldorf School alumni and friends. And then there were those museum visitors who just happened to be there.

We began with ‘I think speech’ and people immediately joined in and the spiral became silent. Then three EVOE with the second one to our neighbors, holding the ”V” extra-long so as to connect throughout the spiral, Hilma af Klint—starting with Gemini ending in Leo—one HALLELUIAH, Hilma, another EVOE, and to conclude “I think speech.”

It was a four-minute experience that felt timeless and deeply rich in substance. I think everyone had chills and teared up at one point. (I sure did!)

Let us find ways together to explore how to take eurythmy to the streets without losing the integrity and yes, sacredness we cultivate with one another and in our own practice.

With gratitude for your enthusiasm and support in this experiment, I look forward to more!