Annual Report Letter from the College Co-chairs

This has been a full year of transition, reflection, and growth for the school. Among other endeavors, the College of Teachers worked to help integrate the school’s new governance structure, to support mentorship, evaluation, and ongoing development of new and experienced teachers, to deepen our understanding of human development through our study of Steiner’s Study of Man, and to address issues of inclusion and diversity in our school community. The College of Teachers also spent time reviewing and considering the results of the Measuring Success parent survey, which resulted in clarifications and additions or adjustments to our curricular program.

Celebrating Rudolf Steiner School’s 90th anniversary has prompted us to look back at our roots, appreciate the growth and development of our program, and forge ahead into the future. Our two years as Co-Chairs for the College of Teachers have been fruitful as well as fulfilling. As we step down from our tenure as Co-Chairs, we are pleased to introduce Dan Marsch, High School Math and Science teacher, as our next Chair. We are certain that he will help shepherd the school with wisdom, courage, and grace.

We look forward to the 2019-2020 school year with great excitement for one hundred years of Waldorf Education.


Cybelle Afable, Class Teacher
2018-2019 Co-Chair, College of Teachers
(pictured top left)

Wendy Kelly, Class Teacher
2018-2019 Co-Chair, College of Teachers
(pictured bottom left)

2018-2019 College of Teachers:
John Anderson
Carol Bartges
Gabriela Cordo
Denise Crane
Myra Friedman
Rallou Hamshaw
Mary Lynn Hetsko
Tim Hoffmann
Dan Marsch
Marisha Plotnik
Renate Poliakine
Jeff Spade
Alexandra Spadea
Deborah Renna