Honoring community & small gestures

A Letter from the Leadership Council

It is with profound honor and gratitude that we write these lines, as we reflect back on a year of renewal and transformation.

We launched the 2018-2019 academic year with a newly implemented governance structure that presented us with the unique opportunity to serve as members of the Leadership Council.

The year began with excitement for the possibility of shaping a thriving and supportive community of families and colleagues, who gather with enthusiasm to contribute to the fulfillment of our school’s mission.  At the core of it all are the students, who come to us every day bringing along with them a deep sense of wonder and endless potential.

A good portion of last year’s focus went to laying the foundation for the 2019 summer work that culminated with several projects, which, once completed, allowed us to welcome the children to renovated facilities.  The Lower School and Upper School Assembly Rooms, the Arts Lab, and the Woodshop underwent several refreshing touches, with new curtains and shades, refinished millwork and floors, new lighting, and a fresh coat of paint, while the Science Lab renovation reached completion. The Business Office relocated to the Upper School building in order to offer space to our warm and inspiring newly envisioned Parent Child Program classroom, located on the third floor of our Lower School building.

As these renovations progressed with intensity and focus, one could contemplate on how human beings accomplish things that may seem impossible at first.  A story tells of a group of people who gathered to discuss the reforestation of a particular area of the world.  After running a detailed study, they concluded that they needed to plant at least a million trees.  They stared silently into each other’s eyes as if already defeated by the magnitude of the task.  One of them breaking the silence asked, “How many villagers are there if we were to count our people and those who live in the surrounding areas?” Another responded, “A little over a million.” The one who posed the question concluded that this was incredibly promising, saying, “You see, one tree each person and we would have a million trees. Isn’t that so?” This story reminds us of the profound power of small actions, which together allow us to accomplish what may seem unconquerable at first sight.

As we look ahead, we would like to invite each of you to join us in honoring small gestures, for the tiniest of actions collectively will empower us, as a community, to bring about impactful change.  Let us take that first single step of the thousand-mile journey, for today is the gift of the present moment when we hold the opportunity to begin to forge our new future together.  Our thoughts, words, and actions shape our reality and give each one of us the opportunity to become an instrumental player in the new reality that we create in our school environment.

Thank you for your presence in our community, for your permanent support and countless contributions, and for sharing your unique gifts with us.

With appreciation for the abundant future we are manifesting together,

Gabriela Cordo, School Administrator
(For the Leadership Council)

Pictured center, with Jeffrey Spade, left, and Deborah Renna, right.