Building Community While at Home #2 – Simplicity Parenting Audio Series

“Imagine your life… with a sense of ease as you begin to limit distractions and say no to too much, too fast, too soon.”

—Kim John Payne

The Simplicity Parenting Team has prepared a five-part audio series for this challenging time.

You can listen directly from their homepage

or download it form their podcast channel 

Episode Listing

1.    “Preparing” – How to speak to our kids and how to stay centered so our kids can co-regulate with us.

2.    “Signaling Security via Decluttering” – When the world feels like it is in chaos and closing in, creating a decluttered space is like soul arnica.

3.    “Wrapping Warm Rhythm Around Our Children” – When so much is changing and shifting, how do we strengthen predictability and the feeling that all is well in our family’s world.

4.    “Dialing Back Schedules in Preparation and Decisions Afterwards” – How to walk children and teens off their busy lives in preparing for the cancellations of school and after school activities, and the opportunity it offers when life gets back to normal.

5.    “Filtering Adult Information is More Important Now Than Before” – With so much scary information out there, how can we keep our kids informed in the right way for their age?