Building community while at home #3 – Renewing the New York Spirit

"This is not the sixtieth birthday I had in mind. Maybe that’s not the worst thing. The pandemic is far worse. But one positive side-effect is we’re starting to be warmer to each other again."

— CHARLES LYONS, Steiner Class of 1978

Charles Lyons, a Steiner Alumnus, published an article on the West Side Rag reflecting on the times we are living in, and his upcoming 60th birthday:

“In the shadow of the pandemic, humanity has reasserted itself much like it did after 9/11. Eye contact is back, if only to make sure one is properly exercising “social distancing.” So, too, is politeness. We all know we need to keep a safe distance from each other, but now the body language of my neighbors is warm. And for those covering their faces, I sense the smile behind the mask.”

Charles explains that “the pandemic is forcing us to take stock in what matters most, and one of those things is other people…” As we walk through uncertainties we have awakened the capacity to reassess our priorities, to look beyond our personal interest, and to build resilience. We are creating new opportunities everyday by looking at things with new eyes.

Watercolors by Georgi Dimov