Building Community While At Home – Blog Series – HOME FOR NOW

We have asked for guidance and inspiration to find new ways of gathering in community – virtually – as we cope with change both individually and collectively. Can we see an opportunity here to come home to oneself, to slow down, to reflect on the preciousness of life, to remember that every moment is a gift, to discern, transform and transcend old habits, patterns and routines? Can we find joy amidst this hardship we are facing?

Today, in an attempt to offer support from afar, we are launching our “Building Community While at Home” blog series, to extend the outreach of our caring community.

HOME FOR NOW: Create, stabilize and enjoy this moment

Elena Brower, a parent in Grade 7 and bestselling author of Practice You, has designed a free “Home for Now” guide to help us create a schedule for our households during this days at home.  Click HERE to access the guide.

While we retreat to the boundaries of our homes, nature is finding ways for self-healing – waters and skies are becoming clearer, wildlife is coming back to spaces that we have taken over.  Let´s hold this image as we stay inside and find new ways of connecting with each other and with ourselves.

I would like to close with a few excerpts of “Honoring Community,” from “Prayers of Honoring” by Pixie Lighthorse:

“… Thank you for the willingness to take care of one another and value our contributions as a whole. … Ease our fears, and teach us to gather in a circle of equals. … Fill us with unassailable HOPE that our collaborations will yield great harvests. … Humble our pace with patience for each other. … Provide us with the strength of character needed to be good to each other. Let us default to great love in times of doubting ourselves and one another as we work together toward solutions.”

In gratitude and partnership,

Gabriela Cordo

School Administrator